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Designed for parents & kids to develop financial responsibility and shape successful habits. Download our latest app version:

We empower parents to build the foundation
for your children's success - financially and more.

Here's the truth: Being a parent is never easy. Parents take a crucial role in shaping children's future.

Mellow is here to help! We help parents build a financially independent future for their children. Find out what Mellow is all about here:

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Raise future all-rounders

Mellow teaches more than money! Children are building their independence & confidence while developing their arithmetic & decision-making skills.


Craft a path to success for your child

Money habits form as young as 7! We help improve their financial well-being and reinforce behaviours such as delaying gratification, working hard, and planning ahead.

Learn better by doing instead of listening

We support cash, points, and digital money with prepaid cards. This helps prepare your children for a cashless future when they become grown-ups.

Equip parents to be money coaches

Parent involvement is highly beneficial to shaping children's financial behaviours. We make sure you are well-equipped to give support.

Our Solution

How does it work?

The first step towards empowering your children to become money masters.

Children are taught to plan ahead and divide their allowances into saving, earning, and spending.

    • ✅ manage multiple children at ease
    • ✅ maintain a regular allowance schedule
    • ✅ give independence while maintaining supervision



Reward is earned through hard work, just like how the real world works.

Most children don't understand that money is finite - we can't have everything we want! Giving tasks helps your children build a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility, and self-reliance.

  • ✅give and manage regular tasks
  • ✅provide task suggestions based on your child's age
  • ✅encourage children to cherish what they have



Saving builds the ability to delay gratification, maintain self-control, and plan ahead.

Researchers have linked low self-control—the trait of managing your impulses and delay getting what you want—with debt trouble. Children who could master their impulses ended up as more successful adults.

  • ✅help children develop a regular and goal-based saving habit
  • ✅break down goals into achievable steps
  • ✅track and visualize progress.



Prepaid Card
Get your children prepared for a cashless future.

Prepaid cards with Mellow provide unique parental features without the risk of overdraft. Children are given the independence to make their own spending choices in a safe and secure environment.

  • ✅oversee your child's spending in real-time,
  • ✅transfer money in times of emergency
  • ✅freeze card features instantly
  • ✅teach purchasing power and the value of money



You don't need to become a financial expert to raise a money-smart child.

Families should never be left out in the journey when it comes to financial education. Research suggests that active parental engagement around financial issues is highly beneficial.

  • ✅learn practical and hands-on parental tips
  • ✅explain rationales behind each feature
  • ✅apply best practices when teaching your children about money.

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Practical & Experiential Learning

How is Mellow different?

Mellow is a versatile, interactive & research-backed solution meticulously designed for all kinds of families.Unlike theoretical lessons, we focus on a digital-first and practical approach for you to shape your children’s financial habits at your fingertips. 

Security & Privacy

We take your security seriously.

Mellow cares deeply about providing the best environment for our users to grow and manage their financials better. We are committed to ensure the safety and security of our users' data.

Data Encryption

Data is encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. All communication is handled securely using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security standard.

Data Privacy

Mellow goes to great lengths to ensure your data privacy and confidentiality. We are in compliance with Hong Kong’s Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486).

Biometric Authentication

 To provide an extra layer of protection, we utilise Biometric authentication and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). You have full control over your account.

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