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嶄新功能 + Mellow新收費模式!Brand new updates + Mellow is going Freemium! 

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致各位 Mellow Fellow,

各位創新的醒目爸媽,感激您們使用Mellow 幫助孩子養成更好的習慣,讓他們捉緊理財的好時機。我們很榮幸能在Mellow共同見證孩子們的成長,看到他們努力完成任務、儲蓄日漸增長、最後達成自己訂立的目標。


✓ 嶄新儲蓄目標:鼓勵孩子進行「每天」儲蓄,更有成效地養成存錢習慣。孩子存起的每一元都會顯示在有趣互動的目標路線圖上,家長們需預先批准儲蓄目標。

✓ 優化豬仔錢罌:你和孩子在增加或扣除款項時可加上原因,以獲得更詳細記錄。孩子們亦可隨時發出存款和提款請求。

✓ 全新儲蓄挑戰:孩子不知道該存些什麼?別擔心-我們的儲蓄挑戰可令你的孩子在70天內達到$1000元的個人儲蓄,同時鼓勵他們養成更長久的儲蓄習慣。

✓ 新收費模式:為確保我們能提供最佳服務和以更快速度推出用戶們期待的功能,Mellow將於4月初推出「Freemium模式」。我們仍須測試最佳的收費模式,但用戶們仍然可以有限度地免費享受Mellow的所有功能,歡迎到Mellow的應用程序中了解更多。

✓ 即將面世的功能:包括為你和孩子們提供更多分析和建議、更多遊戲化、和更多教育元素。我們希望幫助你見證孩子的進步和成長,同時確保他們用得開心!請繼續關注我們的更新。

我們的團隊非常期待你的想法,如果你有任何疑問或意見,請隨時通過電郵[email protected]或透過應用程式上的支援中心Whatsapp我們。我們已經準備好讓你的孩子更上一層樓!

Chester & Teresa,

Hi Mellow Fellow,

You’re a cool parent. No doubt – you signed up to help your child build better habits and get a headstart in mastering money. We’re so grateful to be a part of this journey – to see how your child(ren) gets their tasks done, grows their savings, and achieves their goals on Mellow.

We’re excited to announce these updates for Mellow in the coming months:

✓ Introducing brand new Savings Goals: Child(ren) will save for their goals daily instead of weekly for better habit formation. Dynamic roadmap to show every dollar of savings matters. Parents’ approval required for all goals.

✓ Improved Piggy Bank experience: You and your child(ren) can record reasons when adding or deducting money. Child(ren) can also send out deposit and withdrawal requests.

✓ Brand new saving challenge: Your child(ren) has no idea what to save for? We’ve got your back – challenge your child(ren) to reach $1000 of savings in 70 days while building a consistent saving habit.

✓ New pricing model: To make sure we can offer the best service and deliver long-awaited features as quickly as possible, Mellow is going freemium in early April. We’re testing the model that works best, but you can still enjoy all Mellow features for free at a limit. Details can be found on the pricing page of the app. 

✓ Upcoming features: More insights, more gamification, and more educational elements for you and your child(ren). We aim to help you visualize how much your child(ren) has progressed while making sure they are having fun. Stay tuned to our future updates!

Yes – we’re super excited, and we’d love to know if you have any questions or feedback. Please feel free to ping us at [email protected] or Whatsapp us directly via Mellow support. Let’s get ready to boost your child(ren) to the next level!

Chester & Teresa,
Co-Founders of Mellow