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【Mellow新春急口令 | Mellow CNY Tongue Twister】

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仲有半個月就到農曆新年,小朋友們係時候練習下恭賀說話,同親朋戚友逗多啲利是!成功喺6秒內挑戰到我哋嘅新春急口令,Mellow即刻派你100蚊利是! Challenge Your Kid To Win Our 100HKD Red Pocket! Two more weeks to go until Chinese New Year! Prepare your kids to greet your friends and relatives with our CNY Tongue Twister Challenge! Mellow will give out a 100HKD red pocket to your kid if they can say this tongue twister within six seconds.
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english tongue twister
– 推廣活動日期由2020年1月13日開始至2020年1月27日結束(包括首尾兩天) (“活動期”)。
– 參加方法:
1. 同意本活動的「條款及細則」及「私隱政策」
2. 讚好Mellow® Facebook、讚好指定帖子上載你小朋友講急口令嘅片段分享到Facebook,tag @MellowApphk 和 hashtag #MellowCNY !
3. 分享次數不限,惟每人只可得獎一次。
4. 參加者必須於Facebook時間2020年1月27日晚上11時59分或之前參加才合資格參加,如因上傳或其他問題而逾時登記,將被視作未能符合資格。
– 獎品及得獎方法:
6秒以下: 100HKD
8秒以下: 88HKD
10秒以下: 38HKD
獎金必須透過連接Mellow App的MasterCard®預付卡發放,Mellow®會把相應獎金轉帳至該小朋友帳戶的預付卡上。參加者必須下載Mellow App,並於Mellow App上建立帳戶以取得一張預付卡(費用全免),以獲取獎金。
*活動受條款及細則約束, 詳情: http://bit.ly/36G597t
tongue twister competition instruction
tongue twister competition instruction
-The campaign date starts from January 13, 2020 and ends on January 27, 2020 (both dates inclusive) (“Campaign Period”).
-How to participate:
1. Agree to the “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” of this campaign.
2. Like Mellow® Facebook, like the designated post, upload your child ’s tongue twister video clip, share it to Facebook, tag @MellowApphk and hashtag #MellowCNY!
3. The number of uploads is unlimited, but each person can only win the prize once.
4. Participants must participate at or before 11:59 pm on January 27, 2020 to be eligible to participate. If submission is overdue, it will be considered ineligible.
-Prizes and methods to receive the prizes:
All videos will be reviewed by the organiser, note that every word has to be clearly heard to be considered a successful challenge. Eligible participants and winners will receive the following prizes:
Less than 6 seconds: 100HKD
Less than 8 seconds: 88HKD
Under 10 seconds: 38HKD
The prizes must be distributed through the MasterCard® prepaid card connected to the Mellow App, and Mellow® will transfer the corresponding rewards to the debit card associated with the child’s account (Free to download and use).
* Terms and conditions apply: http://bit.ly/36G597t

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