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【Mellow教學】開始使用Mellow | Getting Started with Mellow



  1. 在App Store 或 Google Play Store上下載Mellow應用程式。 iOS 下載連結 | Android 下載連結

  2. 家長和小孩各自建立帳戶

  3. 透過QR Code或連結碼,連結家長和小孩帳戶,多個家長帳戶可連結多個小孩帳戶。

  4. 為您的孩子申請連接Mellow應用程式的萬事達®預付卡,預付卡免費申請和使用。 您只需要輸入您/您孩子的手機和郵寄地址。

  5. 收到卡後,在應用程式上啟動,即可增值該卡並開始使用!


注意:基本預付卡的版本中,最大卡餘額為3,000HKD,年度儲值限額為$ 25,000HKD。這張卡無法使用ATM取款和更換卡的功能。升級預付卡後,您便可以使用更多功能,請參閱我們常見問題中的「預付卡」部分以獲取更多資訊。

Getting Started with Mellow

Start using Mellow with just s few simple steps!

  1. Download the Mellow app on the App Store or Google Play Store. iOS download link | Android download link

  2. Create Parent and Child accounts respectively.

  3. Link Parent and Child accounts via QR Code, multiple parent accounts can be linked to multiple child accounts.

  4. Apply for the connected MasterCard® debit card on the Mellow App for your child. The debit cards are free to apply and use. You will only need to input you/ your child's mobile phone and mailing address.

  5. Once you have received your cards, activate and top up on the app. You're now ready to go!

Please contact us via email to if you have any questions.

NOTE: For the basic debit card version, there is a maximum card balance of 3,000HKD and an annual top up limit of $25,000HKD. ATM withdrawals and card replacement is not available. You are able to unlock more features once you upgrade the debit card. Please refer to the Debit Card section on our FAQ.

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